About Us

Andy McKechnie is an international motivational speaker and the Junior Chamber International World Public Speaking Champion 2006.  He is an accomplished professional speaker, peak performance coach and wellbeing consultant.  He has recently delivered motivational speeches in Switzerland, Estonia, Sweden and South Korea.  A former member of the national freestyle ski team, Andy believes that we must be mentally, emotionally and physically match fit for both business and modern life.  Andy now speaks at over 50 conferences around the world each year.  As well as inspiring businesses, Andy has a team of trainers who educate school children in the importance of leadership, emotional mastery, aerobic power and turning their dreams into reality (LEAD).  The Street Jam team are all top national or international fitness presenters who deliver the fitness industry's very latest presentations.  Andy graduated from Moray House College of Education as a professional Community Education Worker.  His strong educational background, combined with his international expertise in fitness and communication combine together to create workshops and training events that have a lasting impact.  Andy shares powerful tools and strategies to allow any individual business or organisation to be FIT FOR LIFE AND FIT FOR BUSINESS!!!

Laura Stewart – originally graduated from university in Dundee.  She has combined her strong educational background with creative choreography to produce truly unforgettable classes.  Laura has travelled throughout Scotland and the North of England delivering her unique blend of fun and fitness.  She is committed to training and development and has been coached by dance fitness professionals from all around the world.  Recently, Laura was one of the key choreographers for the Jammin Fitness team's Global Rhythms workshop that celebrated citizenship and spread the magic of international dance fitness to over 20,000 children in Scotland and England.

Pamela Younie has several years experience teaching aerobic dance to school children.  She is committed to personal development and has been trained by some of the best dance teachers in the world.

Stacy Mussenden is a highly experienced instructor and fitness presenter. She is passionate about lifelong fitness and has a particular talent when it comes to teaching children’s fitness.

JC Ferron – A former national judo team member and originally from Spain, JC now lives in Scotland, and is one of the UK’s top international fitness instructors.  In the past two years, JC has become one the UK’s most sought after international presenters and has taught in Hong Kong, Greece, Spain and Poland.  The Jammin Fitness team are proud to have someone of JC's calibre delivering workshops and INSET TRAININGS.  He graduated as a PE teacher in Spain and his educational background, combined with his international presenting abilities make him quite unique.  Both staff and children alike are wowed by his unique ability to take complex movement patterns and transform them into up to the minute fitness classes.  One of the keys to JC's success is that he adapts all of his workshops for children with learning difficulties before they ever go out to mainstream schools.  This unique process ensures that even some of the most challenged pupils can feel a sense of achievement.

Samantha Deans has over 10 years experience of teaching aerobics and fitness. Famed for her contagious enthusiasm, she is a powerful and dynamic fitness presenter. Her staff relaxation and wellbeing sessions have been tremendously well received throughout Scotland and northern England. Sam’s presentations for school staff and educators focus on creating balance and maximising energy levels. The sense of fun and playfulness that she brings to her workshops make for a warm and welcome change. She also uses powerful relaxation, visualisation and goal setting tools to deliver consistent and lasting results

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