Business Sponsorship

Sponsor a Jammin Fitness Workshop for Your Employees' Children (In-house)

This is a great opportunity for your company to reward your employees by hosting an in-house Jammin Fitness workshop for their children or an adult and child class.

Sponsor a Jammin Fitness Workshop in a School or Local Community Youth Group

Sponsoring a Jammin Fitness tour of workshops or one-off event is a great opportunity to give something back to your local community.  We have effective press releases to promote the event and raise your profile.

Benefits of Sponsored Events

• The Street Jam team can offer workshops for as few as 10, and as many as 1,000 children/participants, so nothing comes close to return on investment!
• Your company name and logo can feature in press releases and presentation certificates, leaving a lasting impression
• Children and parent workshops can be delivered for dance fitness sessions or well being days
• Staff will often enter into the spirit of health and wellbeing because their children are participating
• Street Jam is a high profile CSR opportunity
• These events can be used as a springboard to promote in-house health and wellbeing seminars delivered by Andy McKechnie & Associates

“Street Jam has improved the fitness of our children in a fun and exciting way. The classes follow the curriculum and are always popular with staff, pupils and parents.”
Joyce Gilmour - Head Teacher, Tower Bank Primary, Edinburgh

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