Children's Workshops

Energised for Enterprise (Keynote and Workshop Combined)

Andy McKechnie is the 2006 Junior Chamber International (JCI) World Public Speaking Champion.  Andy is a former Scottish National Freestyle Ski Team member and he will share with you the story of how he used sports visualisation and goal setting techniques to become the world public speaking champion.  These powerful techniques can help you to perform at your very best in sport, business, job interviews and exam situations.  This inspirational new workshop is aligned with the aims of the Determined to Succeed concept: “It aims to help Scotland’s young people develop self-confidence, self-reliance and ambition to achieve their goals - in work and in life”.

Street Jam

Street Jam uses the popularity of dance as a powerful medium to educate young people about the importance of physical exercise, stress control and maintaining a positive self-image.  With a range of over 20 different half and full day workshops, this is the backbone of our work with children.  From nursery to secondary, we have a full range of educational workshops.

Street Jam Showcases

Street Jam MTV Showcase is a unique opportunity for a school year of up to 60 children to spend a day preparing for a sensational dance performance.  The final show is performed on the same day to another year group, or any parents who wish to come in and watch their children.  The participants will learn powerful tools that are used by top sports people and entertainers to focus their concentration under pressure and deliver a great performance.  This inspirational workshop uses a variety of international and pop dance styles to encourage children to embrace life long fitness. 


These events normally raise around £2,000 for schools sports equipment, school funds or whatever you choose.  In the past 4 years they have raised over £250,000 for schools and charities.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, or social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” World Health Organisation

Street Jam Staff Training

This workshop builds on the strong teaching skills that education staff already have, and gives them a logical framework to educate children about healthy living through the powerful medium of dance.  From Wales to Wick to the Western Isles, this programme has literally turned decades into days, and allowed hundreds of educators to inspire their students like never before.

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