Clients - Who we work with

Is more expected of you with less?

Jammin Fitness works with professionals who want to promote health and maximise their own mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Most of our work is with health promoting schools who are keen to promote enterprise.  We work with staff and pupils alike promoting well being, leadership and communication.

We work with:

• Headteachers
• Teachers
• Probationer teachers
• Event organisers
• Classroom assistants
• Support staff
• Parents
• Pupils
• Organisations that are committed to promoting health and personal leadership

Our clients know that leadership takes tremendous energy and they are keen to make health and wellbeing a core part of their organisational or corporate culture. 

Finally, our clients are committed to making a difference in society as a whole and promote these values to their students, clients or customers.

If you are like many of our CLIENTS you may be facing one of these challenges:

• You are unsure how to introduce staff wellbeing as part of your CPD training
• You are leading a team of active schools co-ordinators or sports development officers, and want a dynamic programme which will inspire lasting change
• You are a health promoting school and are uncertain where to get the best training for your pupils, staff and management
• You are curious about how to run a health promoting event that will involve the whole community
• You are looking for innovative ways to promote enterprise
• You are keen to promote citizenship in an entertaining and memorable way
• You would like to know how to run an effective fundraising event
• You are continually expected to do more with less resources
• If a staff member falls sick, your budget is stretched to pay for a replacement, if at all
• Your team are continually coping with the challenges of change and you are not sure how to deliver training to combat the stress of change
• You are running a major training seminar and don’t know where to find a dynamic keynote or closing speaker 

Our clients typically have the following traits in common:
• They are leaders who empower their clients or students to embrace life long wellbeing and fitness
• They are fully committed to their organisation’s mission and top priorities
• They invest heavily in continuous professional development
• They believe that effective training should by inspiring, fun and interactive

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